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Enjoy the pure air of Nature

Purify Indoor Air

Freshen the air and
eliminate smoke and odors

Like ammonia, cyanide and acetone from furniture, nail polish, aerosol sprays, cleaning agents, tobacco smoke and other chemicals

Remove airborne
allergens and contaminants

Like dust, pollen and dander from

pets and humans

Eliminate mildew and
contaminants on surfaces

Like mould spores, dust mites, viruses and bacteria from HVAC ducts, carpets, bedding and toilets

Technology used in

Space Mission

FreshAir Cube

  • no replacement filter

  • made in US

  • coverage up to 1,500 sqft

  • 16.5 wide x 16.5 high x 17.8cm deep

  • Free Shipping

HK$7200  HK$6400

$6000 when paying by FPS, Payme or Cash,
please contact our Customer Service Officer for details.

U.S. Pentagon has been using FreshAir

Since 9/11, U.S. Pentagon has been using the state-of-art technology to purify their air in their compound.

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