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About Us

The residences in Hong Kong are generally not large. It is really not easy to put an air purifier in a house of several hundred feet. Even if an air purifier can only purify more than 400 feet of space, it will be used. Strainer, after a certain period of time, the filter will accumulate a lot of dust. In addition, it will inhale viruses and bacteria. If it is changed from time to time, it is like a bacteria and virus farm, and it is also used as a mask. If the filter is changed often, it will cost a lot of money. Many original filters also cost more than one thousand Hong Kong dollars, and once every six months, it will cost more than two thousand dollars a year.

Why do we know this product? By coincidence, it was observed that many kindergartens, banks, clinics, residential lobbies, etc. in Singapore used a filter-free air purifier, FreshAir. In addition to exempting the filter, it can also effectively kill bacteria and viruses (such as hand, foot and mouth virus). Local friends said that FreshAir can reduce the chance of cross-infection and can also help indoor disinfection.

Our Vision

In this severe epidemic situation of new crown pneumonia, we just want to do our part to alleviate the epidemic situation, so we directly contacted the American factory company in Singapore to get their support. Now we can order the American factory in Hong Kong to send FreshAir directly to Hong Kong . We hope we can do something to help alleviate the infection.

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Address: 22/F, 3 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Phone: +852 3183 4903

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