Case Studies

We have various customers using FreshAir in different areas. Obviously after use, it eliminates indoor bacteria effectively and helps to purify indoor air.

Case Study 1 – Childcare @ HDB Hub

Improvement in Environment, where there is a reduction in Carbon Monoxide (CO) (44%), Bacteria (58%) and Fungi (20%). Previously the Bacteria is way too high at 1040 count, After using the Air Sterilizer the Bacteria count is 432 which is below the NEA standard.

Case Study 2 – Childcare @ Mountbatten

Improvement in Environment, from bacteria count of 3305 to 382 (88%), within Singapore Standard of 500 count.

Case Study 3 – Childcare @ CBP

Ms Siti Nurfadilah

“Notice that the children are healthier and not falling sick so easily. During sleeping time, I also notice that they sleep better without sneezing and wheezing. There is also a reduction of the food odour. The Air smells Better and Fresher.”

Ms Chen Qiongmei

“The Air is Cleaner and Fresher. Personally I have a sensitive throat, Before the system is installed, I always feel that the throat is very uncomfortable and irritated. After the EcoLivng FreshAir is installed, my throat feel so much better without irritation. Also can notice that the infant are more healthier and not falling sick so easily.”

Case Study 4 – Childcare @ Cecil Street

Ms Audrey Tan

“Notice that the Air is fresher and cleaner, There is no more stale air in one of the class room. There is also a reduction of the food odour. The Air smells Better and Fresher.”

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