Frequently Asked Questions

How long should the FreshAir purifier be turned on per day?

We recommend it should be turned on at least 6 hours without anyone or pets around because most of germs and bacteria are eliminated within 24 hours. There are testing and proven from laboratories all around the world for reference.

Why not choose other purifiers, the price is much cheaper?

Because most of the purifiers on the market do not have the function of eliminating germs and bacteria. Their filters  absorb countless germs and bacteria, and form a bacteria farm. However, our FreshAir purifier not only has sterilization function, but also avoids the troublesome process of replacing the filter.


Where is the FreshAir Cube purifier generally used?

It covers up to 1,500 sqft, so many medium-sized places are also suitable for use. For example, homes, offices, salons, medical/dental offices, retail shops, childcares, schools, hotels, smoking room/area, light industrials, polyclinics and more.

Where is the FreshAir purifier produced?

​It is made in US.

If an indoor room is larger than 1,500 sqft, are there other suitable products available?

Yes, we also have SA FreshAir purifier which covers 3,000 sqft. More about this product, please contact our customer service officer.

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